Dr. Sandra Magri Sant Fournier LL.D

Dr. Sandra Sant Fournier
She studied at the University of Malta, graduating with a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) with Philosophy, Diploma of Notary Public (N.P.) and Doctor of Laws (LL.D).

She was conferred with a warrant to practice as a Notary Public and with another warrant to practice as a Commissioner for Oaths.

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Notary Public Services In Malta
  • Contract of Sale

    A contract of sale is contract between a seller and buyer under certain conditions spelled out in writing in a document signed by both parties.

  • Contract of Donation

    A donation is a contract whereby a person, called the donor, irrevocably and gratuitously transfers immovable property to another person, called the donee, who accepts it.

  • Contract of Emphyteusis

    A contract of Emphyteusis creates a juridical relationship is between the dominus (transferor) and the emphyteuta (transferee).

  • Contract of Exchange

    A contract of exchange is an agreement whereby one immovable property is exchanged for another.

  • Contract of Partition

    A contract of partition is a division of the property among co-owners.

  • Successions

    Succession is the transmission of the immovable property of a deceased person to a living person. This is called a transmission ‘Causa mortis’.

  • Matrimonial Regimes

    The law offers future spouses a choice as to which matrimonial regime should regulate their property.

  • Wills

    A Will is the only legal instrument which regulates the manner in which the testator’s estate will be disposed of on the death of the testator.

  • Contract of Lease

    A well written lease agreement spells out the rights and responsibilities of both lessor and lessee, and it also helps avoid future disputes.

  • Private Writings

    Private writings are agreements which create, regulate or even dissolve obligations.

  • Power of Attorney

    A power of attorney is a contract whereby a person gives to another the power to do something for him or her.

  • Voluntary Organisations

    The setting up of voluntary organisations is regulated by the Voluntary Organisations Act, chapter 492 of the Laws of Malta.

  • Affidavits

    An affidavit is a written sworn statement or declaration voluntarily made by an individual under oath.

  • Consensual Separation

    A consensual separation is reached between two spouses when they enter into an amicable agreement in the form of a personal separation agreement.

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