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Dr. Sandra Sant Fournier
As a Notary Public, Dr. Sandra Magri Sant Fournier areas of interest are Fiscal Legislation and Civil Law focusing on the law of succession, sale, lease, minor contracts, property and family law.


The mission of Dr. Magri Sant Fournier is to ensure that she provides the highest standard of notarial services to the public.


Dr Sandra Magri Sant Fournier LL.B, N.P., LL.D studied at the University of Malta, graduating with a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) with Philosophy, Diploma of Notary Public (N.P.) and Doctor of Laws (LL.D). Following her graduation as a Doctor of laws, she was conferred with a warrant to practice as a Notary public and eventually set up her own private practice at Valletta as prime place within Republic Street in the city of Malta.