Why Malta?


Located right in the centre of the Mediterranean, Malta is the ideal destination to relocate to or invest in or even set-up business, and its excellent climate, friendly people and rich history has made Malta the choice of many retirees. The following are the characteristics of the Maltese Islands;

    • Besides the Maltese Language, English is also an official language in Malta.¬† English is widely spoken and many Maltese also speak Italian.


    • Malta has been a member of the European Union since 2004.


    • Malta is also a party to the Schengen Agreement and in 2008 it became part of the Eurozone.


    • Malta is also a signatory to many important international agreements, mainly in economic and financial domains.


    • Malta’s climate is typical of the Mediterranean with hot and very sunny summers and mild with occasional short spells of cold in winter, is one of the main reasons why people visit Malta.


    • Malta has a variety of rich cultural and historical sites.


    • Malta also has high economic and political stability.


    • Malta covers just over 316 sq km making it the smallest member state, with a population of approximately 419,000 people. Given the small size and short distances, it is very easy and fast to travel around Malta.


Malta is a flourishing mixture of residential and commercial developments surrounded by spectacular farm land and a number of natural resources that offer paradise to natives and travellers.

Luzzu is the Maltese traditional fishing boat

Luzzu is the Maltese traditional fishing boat

Ggantija Gozo

ń†gantija the Neolithic and megalithic temple complex

Valletta The Capital City of Malta

Valletta The Capital City of Malta

Mdina Citta` Nobile The Old Silent City of Malta

Mdina the Old Capital and the Silent City of Malta